How To List Items For Sale Using The Android App

We get it! Your Collection has grown immensely and you're ready to say goodbye to some of your records. What would be better than selling them directly on Discogs? This document includes important tips for selling from your Android App.

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Getting your account ready for sale

Have you added your seller settings and are ready to sell some items? If you still have questions about that, please have a look at our separate document What Do I Need To Set Up My Seller Account? 

Listing an individual item for sale

First of all, go to the release page of the item you want to list for sale.

From there, you will be able to see the Discogs suggested prices, sales history and the items that are currently for sale.

Under the items for sale, you will see a the button “$ Sell this item”, which you can tap to sell the item:

Once tapped, a new page will open where you can determine the Media and Sleeve condition, price, if you allow offers, and write public or private comments and location:

Once all the necessary information is filled in, tap on the green “List for sale” button and the item will be added to your inventory and available for purchase.

You will then be directed back to the release page where you can see the item you have just listed for sale by tapping on "$ for sale".

Note: It is now possible to list multiple copies of the same item for sale using our Quantity feature. However, this feature is currently only available on the Discogs website and not in the Android app. If you wish to list multiple copies of an item for sale, you can either go through the listing process multiple times in the app, or use the Quantity feature on the desktop version of our site.

Editing your items for sale

To view your items for sale, you can access them directly from your Inventory page:

  • On the item page, you can edit the listing (price, condition, comments and location), update the status of the item to For Sale or Draft by clicking on the blue “Update Status” button or un-list the item by clicking on the blue “Unlist” button:

Inventory page

Your Inventory page shows your items for sale by default, however, you can filter or sort this view per status in the top-left corner and view your items by All, For Sale, Sold, Draft, Expired, Violation and Suspended.

You can also sort your Inventory by Listed (Newest / Oldest), Year (Newest / Oldest), Title (A-Z / Z-A), Artist (A-Z / Z-A), Label (A-Z / Z-A), Price (Lowest / Highest), Catalog # (A-Z / Z-A).

If your items appears as Pending please, visit this article Why Are My Items Showing As "Pending” In My Inventory?


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