How To Search In The Database When Using The Discogs iOS App

You can access the search feature from the bottom of every page on the app. This feature is represented with a magnifier icon. This Explore should also be the first you see when you launch the App. On the Explore page, you are able to read relevant articles, see What's Hot, Most Collected and Most Wanted at the moment and you can explore all the Genres on Discogs.

Tap on the magnifier icon and you will be shown the Explore page that includes a search bar on top of the page. Type anything in the search bar and tap Search on your keyboard. You will notice that your history of Recent Searches will be shown, in case you want to revisit a previous search.

Once you search for something, you will be given several results in the results page; so you can easily find what you are looking for, this search results page is divided into three categories, Releases, Artists and Labels as well as a list of release versions showing under these sections. From these results, you can directly access any information that you want by tapping on it. You can also swipe left to view other results or tap on See All to view more.

If you tap on See All on releases, you will be given a list where you can filter your results for an optimal search. You can filter by tapping on the filter menu at the top right of the page (under the cart icon) and use the following options: Sort by Relevance, Most Collected, Most Wanted and Trending; or filter by Genre, Format, Country or Decades. In here you can also change the layout of the list to view mostly covers.

To view the page you are looking for, simply tap on the result you would like to view and you will be redirected to that specific page. Tap the back icon on the top-left corner of the screen to go back to the results page.

You can also use the barcode scanner within the search feature. At the right of the search bar, you can find the camera icon. Once you tap it, the camera of your phone will turn on. Your screen will show a square where you can focus on the barcode you want to search for. The App will detect the barcode and give you the corresponding results. Please note that not all releases in the Database have had barcodes added, so you will not always necessarily find the result you’re looking for.

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