How To Use The Collection Feature On iOS

There are multiple features that can be used in your collection and we would like to explain them in detail to you: 

Accessing your Collection: 

  • You can access your Collection by tapping on the Collection icon located at the bottom of the screen or from the top-right menu by tapping Collection:

Searching in your collection:

  • When viewing your Collection, you can search for a specific item by using the search bar and typing the title, name or label of the release.
  • You can view different folders by tapping on the Folder section on the top-left of the screen:

  • To see more information of an item, tap on a specific release in your Collection: Here you can view individual information of that release, for example the artist page or label page.

Sorting your Collection:

  • You can sort the list by Artist, Title, Year, Added, Label, Format and Catalog #, or filter by Format.

Modifying your Collection notes:

  • You can access the Collection notes directly after adding an item to your Collection or by clicking on the item in your collection: Add any information about the item you would like and hit Save.

  • If you would like to change existing notes, from the item in your Collection tap on Edit to start editing tap on Save to update:


  • In your Collection notes you can modify the following:

- Add Condition, Media for Vinyl, CD or whichever format you are adding, and Sleeve.

- Add private Notes.

- Add the item to a specific folder (previously created on the browser or desktop version).

- Remove the Release from your Collection by tapping the red "Remove" link.

- Add another copy to your Collection.

Random Item

Are you looking for suggestions on what to listen to next? Shake your phone and the system will pick a random item for you!

Removing a release from your Collection

  • To remove an item from your Collection, simply swipe all the way to the left on the specific release and the item will be removed.


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