How To Place An Order Using The iOS App

It's handy to buy your favourite records on-the-go on the iOS App. This document will walk you through the most important steps such as finding items for sale, adding items to your cart, and finally, placing an order

If you have already placed the order and have questions, please check our separate document How To Manage Your Purchase Using The iOS App.

Finding Items For Sale

  • From  a release or a Master release page

You can find all versions of an item for sale on the Master release page. To view them, click on For Sale just below the Collection and Wantlist icons. 

You can then sort the list of items by Best Match, Best Condition, Highest Price, Lowest Price and Worst Condition.


  • From your Wantlist

From your Wantlist page, you can view each item and access its release page to see the Marketplace listings. Within your list, under each item description, you will see how many items are currently for sale in the Marketplace, and the available prices.

  • From the search results

You can also use the search results (or the barcode scanner results) to find the item you want to buy.

Type the name of the item (or LP, album, EP, etc) and narrow the results by using the filters above the results list (Release, Master Release, Artists, Label, Genre, Format, Release Date). You will have to tap the specific release to know more about prices.

  • From a seller’s inventory

If you remember a seller's username, you can type the username in the search bar to go to their profile. Also, if you have bought something from a seller previously, you will be able to tap their username, from an order page, for example.

You will see the seller’s profile page, and the items that he has listed for sale. Tap on "See All" to go the seller's inventory:

Also, if you are viewing an item page, you can tap on View Seller's Inventory to view more items that the seller has for sale:

Once you are viewing a seller's inventory, you can use the search bar to search for a specific release from their inventory.

Adding Items To Your Cart

To add an item to your cart, tap on the release and on the release page scroll down to view the current items for sale. This will display under the Marketplace statistics and above the track list.

  • On the release page, the list will only show a few items that are for sale. If there are more items for sale and you want to know more about them, you can tap “Show all # for Sale” located under that list. Tapping “Show all # for Sale” will show you the complete list of items being sold in the Marketplace at the moment.

On both lists, you can see the following details: Seller’s username, seller’s rating, media and sleeve condition, item price, shipping cost information (if available) and the country the item will be shipped from.

Once you find the item you want to buy, tap on it to see a full description of the item. The item page will inform you further about the seller’s accepted payment methods, if you can make an offer on the item (via, more information from the Database about the release itself, the seller’s comments about the item in question, product details, the seller’s terms, and if there are more copies for sale.

If you want to buy this item, please tap the button "Add to Cart".

Placing an order

The item is now in your cart and you are ready to place your order!

  • From your cart, tap the green button “Proceed to Checkout” to review the order details which contains the following: Seller’s username, rating, accepted payment methods, the number of items and the total price.
  • You will already see the shipping costs displayed here. You can also tap on the “Shipping Methods” button to review and select the various shipping methods the seller might offer.
  • Before placing the order, you can also review and modify your shipping address by tapping on the “Shipping Address” button. If your shipping address is different than the one in your PayPal account, be sure to let the seller know of the discrepancy and to specify which address you wish to use. 
  • Once you have reviewed all of this information, you can finalise the order by tapping the “Place your order” button. By doing so, you are agreeing to have read and understood the Buyer Policy and the seller’s own terms, as listed in their Seller Terms.



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