¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un vendedor aficionado y un vendedor profesional?

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Discogs verifies some seller account information to ensure overall marketplace security and compliance with various global regulations. As of June 2023, Discogs is asking all sellers to self-identify as a hobby or business seller. This selection must be made in your Seller Settings.

A hobby seller is not affiliated with any business entity. Selling on Discogs is not your substantial source of your income (e.g., you do not rely on this income). You are likely an individual that lists items occasionally.

A business seller is affiliated with a registered business entity. You can be an individual operating a business or managing a team of employees. Typical indications of being a business seller include:

  • Having a physical storefront in addition to your online operation.
  • Regularly selling many items on Discogs. For example, you make $5,000 in gross revenue or sell more than 200 items in a year.
  • Buying items specifically to list for sale on Discogs.
  • Relying on Discogs sales for your financial stability because they are a substantial source of your income.

The above examples are not all inclusive and other factors may apply to determine whether you are a hobby or business seller. The distinction between hobby and business sellers, as well as the protections granted to a buyer when purchasing from a business seller, are generally determined at the local, regional, state, or national level. You should consult your jurisdiction’s laws and regulations or seek professional advice if you are unsure whether you are a hobby or business seller. 

Should a seller meet the definition of a business seller, they must indicate this in their Seller Settings and provide additional information about their business and/or themselves. Failure to do so may violate Discogs policy and consumer protection laws.

Buyers who purchase from a business seller may be entitled to certain consumer rights and privileges they would not otherwise have when purchasing from a hobby seller. To learn more about these definitions and consumer protection laws, please visit our EU/EEA/UK Consumer Protection Rights policy document. You may also wish to visit the relevant consumer rights agency in your region, such as the EU Consumer Rights page.

To learn more about this process, please visit our seller account identification guide


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