How To Contact Discogs Community Support

Situations may arise where you need help or you require specific information. Listed in this article are the different ways we can help you.

Forum and Group

Discogs is a big community and you can find a lot of helpful information in our Forums and Groups. Here you will find experienced users ready to help you with your requests, existing conversations related to the topic you are interested in, or you can create a new discussion yourself! For more information on how to post and use our Forums and Groups, please visit our Community Guidelines document.


Help Center

Our Help Center contains lots of helpful information! It is divided into sections that will help you to easily find the article of interest. You can also use the Search function by using appropriate keywords to locate the corresponding help document.


Contact Us

If you didn’t find what you need in our Help Center or in our Community Forums and Groups, you can always contact us. To do so, you have three options: 

  • Click on “Submit a request” next to your profile picture (you will need to log in first to see this option).


  • Click on the blue link “Submit a request” at the bottom of every help document.

  • Can click directly here.

Note: Logging into your account before filing a request allows for support staff to locate your user information securely. Otherwise, we will ask you to verify specific account information before providing direct support.

There’s no wrong answer when filling out the support request form, but please take a moment to categorize your issue. This helps us organize incoming requests and ensure everyone is receiving the best and most efficient assistance possible.

When in doubt, include your order number! This helps us assess the situation as soon as we receive the request so we can assist more quickly.

Please be sure to only file one request. Once your support request has been filed, we will be sure to answer you as soon as possible. Filing multiple requests can slow down our support queue.

If you receive an automated response or article suggestion and this does not fully address your question, please go ahead and respond directly to that email. This will open your request back up and ensure that one of our Coordinators will respond to you directly!


Still have questions?

Submit a request.