Seller Guidelines & Best Practices

We like successful orders as much as you do! For this reason, we put together some guidelines and tips for sellers, both new and experienced ones.

Communication Best Practices

Buyers feel more confident in their purchase if they receive communication promptly. Contacting the buyer or issuing an invoice within 24 hours of the new order being placed would be ideal. If that is not possible, please make sure to update the order within 4 days. 

Provide Clear Shipping and Payment Policies

If you wish to ship only to select regions (e.g., only to the U.S. or only Europe), you must set up your Shipping Policies to make this clear. Simply stating that you will not ship to specific regions, but not adjusting your policies, will not be supported by Discogs.

Use the Seller Terms field to state your shipping and billing practices clearly. For example, if you typically ship on a specific day of the week, it’s good to let your buyers know that. 

Please find an example of basic Seller Terms here:


Include a Return Policy

Letting your buyers know whether you do accept returns, and what the conditions are for a return (e.g., incorrect item received, item damaged or otherwise not-as-advertised), is vital for making sure your buyers are happy with their transaction from start to finish. Please note that some jurisdictions require sellers to accept returns, pay for return shipping, and/or pay refunds. Check with your local laws and regulations to confirm your responsibilities. 

Await Payment Before Shipping 

Make sure that full payment has been received before shipping items to your buyers. Should payment not be received within four days, try to contact the buyer to see what is causing the delay.

Update Order Statuses Promptly and Accurately

It’s important to acknowledge the buyer’s payment as soon as it has been received, and also to confirm when the item has been shipped. If an order has to be cancelled for any reason, it’s also good to update the status promptly as well. This provides peace of mind to the buyer and helps ensure that your Discogs seller fee invoice accurately reflects the final status of your orders each month.


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